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Portrait: Bláthnaid Conroy Murphy

Bláthnaid Conroy Murphy is a singer, pianist, performer, choral director, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist based in Dublin. She studied  music at NUI Maynooth, graduating with a B.Mus in 2009.

In 2010, Bláthnaid left for Australia to join the cast of ‘The Wiggles’ show,  where she danced, sang and played her way across the continent and the  world. During her employment in The Wiggles, she spent a lot of time  recording in their studio at Wiggle Headquarters. Bláthnaid is featured as a  recorded artist on many of their albums and is credited as composer/ arranger on many Wiggles Songs.

Since her return to Ireland in 2013, Bláthnaid has worked on many projects  with Tonnta, ensembÉal, Lassus Chamber Choir, singer Hilary Bow,  composer Roger Doyle, Dublin Studio Hub, Solas Choir, Inhouse Voices,  HCK Alumni Choir, as well as doing her own musical arrangements, compositions and gardening in her spare time.


These portraits capture a specific moment in time for eight individuals. The unwavering single-shot focus of the camera offers a poignant and intimate closeness to each subject. They were filmed in April 2021 in locations specially chosen by each subject: a place of sanctuary within the five-kilometre radius of their home. The films are inspired by Andy Warhol’s Screen Test from the 1960s and Jane McCormick’s This Moment capturing the significant people behind the TownHall Cavan Arts Space. The films pay homage to the dedication and talent which sustained the Don’t anticipate the ending project.

Directed by Robbie Blake
Filmed and Edited by Steve O’Connor

Don't anticipate the ending Creative encounters with the Brian Friel Papers

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