The Creative Process

Dance House, 11 August 2020

In this recording, Jessie Keenan teaches dancers Marion Cronin, Lucia Kickham, and Sarah Ryan the first part of a dance phrase. This phrase was taken from footage of Jessie rehearsing a live dance improvisation to audio she recorded in response to the question ‘So what is surfacing?’, adapted from a phrase written by Brian Friel during the composition process for Dancing at Lughnasa (1990). The footage from which the phrase originates was taken at the UCD Humanities institute on 25 February 2020; this video was taken at Dance House during a week of workshops and rehearsals on 11 August 2020. This phrase, danced in unison with moments of deliberate hesitation and repetition from two of the three performers, forms a significant portion of Jessie’s film ‘So what is surfacing’. 

Don't anticipate the ending Creative encounters with the Brian Friel Papers

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