The Creative Process

Robbie Blake's blue notebook, 6

In these pages from Robbie Blake’s project notebooks, Robbie makes notes from a discussion with Jessie Keenan and Zosia Kuczyńska in which Zosia shares some of her research around theatrical space. This includes a summary of ideas from an article by Vimala Herman on theatrical deixis, where speaking bodies on a stage function as a kind of anchor point from which calculations of space are made. Also referenced is an article by Helen Freshwater that discusses some ideas round archives and voyeurism. On the second page, Robbie is beginning to connect some of these ideas to issues of privacy, which led to a workshop exercise involving redacted text from an online privacy policy.

Helen Freshwater, ‘The Allure of the Archive’, Poetics Today 24.4 (2003), 729–258

Vimala Herman, ‘Deixis and Space in Drama’, Social Semiotics 7, No. 3 (1997), 269–283

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