The Brian Friel Papers

So what is surfacing

This note towards Dancing at Lughnasa (1990) contains a phrase that directly inspired Jessie Keenan’s short dance film of the same name, ‘So what is surfacing’. Here, Friel makes a note of key elements of the play that are beginning to emerge, including dance as both a substitute for language and a means of accessing what he calls ‘suppressed + almost forgotten truths’.

From MS 37,104/1, National Library of Ireland; copyright Brian Friel Estate, reproduced by permission.


30 May

So what is surfacing: – (see below)

1) Dancing as language

2) Fr. J. as the catalyst: houseboy.

3) Dancing as release and entrance to suppressed + almost forgotten truths (Final Scene).

1.     Dancing

2.     Language

3.     Paganism

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