The Creative Process

Robbie Blake, 'Running the ending' score

This is Robbie Blake’s original graphic score (pp. 1-5) for their live performance piece ‘Running the ending’, which is featured in this exhibition as a short film and which was inspired by Blake’s engagement with the Brian Friel Papers at the National Library of Ireland.


The graphic of the score represents three things:

  • run (vertical dots and dashes)

  • dance (irregular curls and loops in a continuous line)

  • shake-out (groups of short diagonal lines and dashes)


The performer ‘reads’ and performs the score by translating the graphic notation into physical movement and gesture. Each page of the score represents a minute. The piece is around 5 minutes in total and the performer uses a stopwatch to keep track of the timing in their performance

Don't anticipate the ending Creative encounters with the Brian Friel Papers

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