New Work

Running the ending

Directed by Robbie Blake

This is a film about exhaustion, self-expression and joyousness.

Blake’s score uses a graphic notation to represent three states: run, reset/shake-out, dance.

Over the course of five minutes, a physical narrative is drawn from these states with one ultimate task for the performer: allow the piece to grow in joyousness.

The visual notation used in this piece references the distinctive and gestural graphic markings used by Brian Friel in his playwriting process, as revealed in archives. Lines, strokes, crossings out, coloured inks and pencil combine to create a complex language of process.

This is a filmic capture of this graphic score performed by five performers. Placed next to each other, these performers give their everything relentlessly in a piece that asks the question: can the body express something words cannot? 


Directed and Composed by Robbie Blake

Performed by (in order) Bláthnaid Conroy Murphy, Lucia Kickham, Marion Cronin, Michelle O’Rourke and Sarah Ryan

Filmed and Edited by Steve O'Connor

Dramaturgy and Original Research by Dr. Zosia Kuczyńska


Lighting by Matt Burke

Sound Design by Robbie Blake  

Sound Mix and Master Engineer Seán Mac Erlaine

Costume Assistant LaurA Fajardo Castro

Production Manager Eoin Kilkenny

Producer Sophie Coote (2021) / Natalie Hans (2020)

Production Support Michelle Cahill


Filmed on location at the Museum of Literature Ireland.

Don't anticipate the ending Creative encounters with the Brian Friel Papers

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