Dublin Gothic

Haunted Legacies Symposium

Held on Thursday, 27 October, the Dublin Gothic: Haunted Legacies Symposium is an interdisciplinary symposium bringing together together experts in digital technology, heritage work, and literary theory to discuss legacies of the weird and uncanny in Dublin, Ireland and beyond. That evening, we present Dublin Gothic: SPECTRE where some of the best voices of Irish crime fiction and supernatural storytelling, John Connolly, Sinéad Crowley, and Liz Nugent, read from their work, set against haunting soundscapes by Irish musician Fears.

Haunted Data: Trade, Migration and Horror in Gothic Fiction (VICTEUR Project)

How do the technologies of today enable us to better understand gothic histories?

Professor Gerardine Meaney demonstrates how a new digital platform, Curatr, enables researchers to recover forgotten storytellers from the British Library’s Nineteenth Century Collection.

Iulia Molnar, contributor to the Dublin Gothic exhibition, provides an overview of a new online map of the train journeys, from metropole to periphery, that are central to Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Professor Gerardine Meaney, Director, UCD Centre for Cultural Analytics and Professor of Cultural Theory
Iulia Molnar, PhD Candidate, UCD Centre for Cultural Analytics

Curating Dublin’s Hidden and Haunted Histories

What secret histories and buried stories haunt our museums and institutions?

Curator and postdoctoral researcher Dr Katie Mishler leads a discussion with experts from Ireland’s leading cultural institutions about curating and preserving Dublin’s haunted heritage.

Dr Katie Mishler, IRC Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Cultural Analytics and MoLI (chair)
Jason McElligott, Director, Marsh’s Library
Brian Crowley, Curator, Kilmainham Gaol
Jonny Dillon, Archivist, National Folklore Collection

Gothic Futures: New Directions in Irish Gothic Writing and Criticism

How do the shifting anxieties and politics of today change the ways that we read, or re-read, gothic writing from the past?

Curator and postdoctoral researcher Dr Katie Mishler discusses with experts in Irish literary studies about the future of the Irish gothic in a time of contagion, climate change, and transnationalism.

Dr Katie Mishler, IRC Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Cultural Analytics and MoLI
Dr Christina Morin, Senior Lecturer, University of Limerick
Dr Sinéad Sturgeon, Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Dara Downey, Visiting Lecturer, Trinity College, Dublin